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Here are some Tips to help keep your house cool and lower costs:

  • Don’t use the air conditioner anymore than is necessary, and don’t cool rooms that are unoccupied.
  • Keep the air conditioner off during the day. If you want to come home to a cool house, Air-Man can install a programmable thermostat . The thermostat can be set according to your schedule to automatically change the temperature after you leave, again before you return home, and when you retire for the evening. The thermostat can be set differently for the weekend, when your schedule is different.
  • Allow the air conditioner to “breathe.” Keep draperies and furniture away from grilles and airways.
  • Change or wash the air filter once a month during the summer months.
  • Have the condenser coil and the evaporator coil cleaned once a year as part of preventive maintenance. If the unit frosts or freezes up on warm days, it may mean the refrigerant is low. Call the Air-Man to check the levels, look for leaks, and replenish refrigerant if it is low.
  • Keep windows closed when the air conditioning is on.
  • Use draperies and shades or awnings to block windows that get direct sunlight. This reduces solar radiation into the room.
  • Use storm windows. These work in the winter to keep heat in, and they can work well in the summer to keep the cool air in.
  • When the weather is right, turn off the air conditioner and open the windows.
  • Reduce the heat in the house. Turn off light bulbs and avoid cooking, bathing, or washing clothes during the hot hours of the day. Also use irons, ovens, and heat-generating appliances in early morning or late evening. Heat produces moisture, which makes air conditioners work harder—resulting in increased electrical consumption.

 Selecting and Installing Central Air Conditioning

If you are experiencing problems and your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, consider buying a new one. A new more efficient unit, when properly sized and installed, will cost significant savings over a cooling season

Look for an air conditioner that has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 14 or higher and has the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR-qualified air conditioners are 25 percent more efficient than conventional units.

Buying the correct size unit and installing it properly is critical to efficiency and comfort. Air-Man gives free estimates on new systems. We will make sure the new system is sized correctly and give you our best recommendation for cooling and heating your home.

Consider purchasing an air conditioner with a variable speed motor, providing a more efficient system along with increased comfort and less noise.

Try to have your new air conditioner placed in a shady spot, preferably on the north side of your home.

Ask for an inspection of your duct system. Leaky duct systems are more common than you might realize and reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Have your air conditioner professionally serviced by Air-Man at the beginning of each cooling season. Ask for a tune-up that includes a check of the refrigerant charge, cleaning of the coils, flushing of the condensation drain, and an inspection of your duct system.

Everyday Air Conditioner Tips

Don’t crank the temperature down in an effort to cool your house off quickly. It will not affect the speed at which the house cools.

Check your thermostat setting. Most people can be comfortable at 78 degrees. Remember that thermostats are not always accurate. Consider installing a programmable thermostat that ensures your home is cool just when you want it to be.

Weather strip doors and windows to prevent losing cool air to the outside. Make sure there’s sufficient insulation throughout the home to help keep cool air in.